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Where is Meaford's new Medical Centre?

The new Don Bumstead & Family Medical centre is located on Highway 26 just west of the town of Meaford. The actual address is 206106 Highway 26, Meaford, On  N4L 1L9.

What is in the Don Bumstead & Family Medical Centre?

Dr. Issa Benissa opened his family practice in the new centre and began to accept new patients on October 1, 2014. His office number is 226-662-1101.

Dr. Thor Ellingsen opened his family practice in the new centre and began to accept patients in July 2017.  His office number is 226-662-1201.

Georgian Bay Physiotherapy is also located in the building.  Julie Young and her staff began offering their services in September, 2014. Their number is 519-538-4500.

Why a new Medical Centre? Don’t doctors prefer to have their own offices?

We are actively recruiting at least one more family physician to begin a practice as soon as possible and expect to attract two more family physicians in the next two years as our existing area doctors move closer to retirement.

Will the new centre impact our hospital?

No. The hospital depends on the local area family physicians to maintain the ER department and to provide in-hospital care to patients so the only way to keep our hospital open is to attract new doctors to Meaford.

I already have a family doctor in Meaford. Why should I donate?

Your doctor is anticipating retirement. To ensure that all residents receive continuous health services and that Meaford Hospital remains vibrant and operational, it is in all of our interests to support the new centre. 

Will there be future fund-raising campaigns?

Once we have reached our fund-raising goal, there will be no need to ask for future donations toward either centre.  Please watch for more details in the newspapers, on community posters and on our website at www.greyhealthclinics.ca. 

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